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ප්‍රධාන මෙනුවේ (ඉහල) ඇති සියලුම අයිතම තොරතුරු සහිතයි. (ක්ලික් කල හැකියි. උදා :- පාසල ගැන තොරතුරු සඳහා පාසල යන්න ක්ලික් කරන්න.)

About National Children’s Education Foundation Sri Lanka


Ven. Dr. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero’s ambition was to introduce and implement a proper Young Child Education methodology in Sri Lanka while keeping with the national identity through this foundation. In order to achieve same Ven. Dr. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero developed a curriculum based on the Educational Methodology inherited by us for ages. The wide knowledge and experience he has gained in Japan on Young Child Education system has helped him immensely to make his dream come true.


Our education methodology is mainly based on the Sri Lankan philosophy and the culture. Our doors are opened to all Sri Lankans.

Behaviour of the human beings depends on the education they receive which distinguishes human beings from the animals.

As our education methodology is based on the unique education system inherited by us which does not confront with the Asian or European education systems, we are confident of the success of the system we have adopted. We have hands on experience of the rich quality of our students. We are proud to mention that our students have excelled well in many fields, which was due to the inherited education method we have adopted.

Apart from the introducing new methodology to improve young child education, we have also geared many schemes to develop inter relationship between different nationals in Sri Lanka.

We were able to carry out all the activities implemented up to now due to the generous donations we have received from Distinguish local and foreign Donors.

Ven Dr. Bandagiriye Somawansa Thero who founded the Foundation is discharging duties as the Director General on voluntary basis devoting his precious time solely for development of Young Child Education in Sri Lanka through the National Children’s Educational Foundation.

In recognition of his service towards the Young Child Education of Sri Lanka, Open University International has conferred him with a Doctorate in November 2008.